Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hey Adam Nagourney

Looks like The New York Times is already bracing for the worst: Not winning enough seats to take control of either house. Looks like over-confidence may cost the Dems, which The New York Times manages to ludicrously blame the GOP:

"Republicans, of course, may have decided that they have a Machiavellian interest in setting up Democrats with inflated expectations." says the NYT. Yeeeeaaah. The evil political mastermind Karl Rove has somehow manipulated events to make the Democrats foolishly believe that they'll easily take both houses. This style of thought is the most telling revelation about that paper and party's complete lack of self-awareness. They both can't believe that the majority of people don't actually agree with them, and will conjure up an 0verly-complex and improbable cause of their failures every time they fail. And they actually have so little respect for the average person that they don't think s/he'll notice that what they're saying is ridiculously irrational.

Hey Adam Nagourney. Find out about Occam's razor.

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