Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nanny-Statism Gone Mad

Toronto city councillors are calling for helmet laws for tobogganing. Now, I'm not anti-helmet or anything like that, and I've definitely taken a few spills where a helmet would have saved me from a head injury. But I think this is an example of trying to legislate common sense into people, and it ain't gonna work. What are they going to do, hire some tobbogan police to enforce this law (funny mental image of tobbogan with flashing lights and siren, 'can I see your license and registration son?') Accidents are still going to happen, people will die tragically because of foolishness forever. But the state has no business making these pieces of law, and even more importantly, has no business enforcing said laws. I still think that seatbelt laws and motorcycle/bicycle helmet laws are beyond the pale, no matter the contrived justification.


NateDawg said...

What somebody needs to do (who wants to make a lot of money) is start building helmets with Ipod's built in. The kids'll eat that shit up!

Anonymous said...

Step out of your hazy bubble, it's already done. You can also control your ipod/mp3 player from controls sewn into your snowboard pants.

cs said...

see, this is the problem (one of the problems...) with our society. We protect the weak and stupid of our population. Just like kids not being able to bring peanut stuffs to school because of allergy kids. The restaurant I hold breakfast meetings at doesn't put peanut butter out with the jams, you have to ask for them!
In order to isolate the top of the gene pool, we should let people take stupid risks if they want, and instead of guarding kids from peanutbutter, they should be forced to eat it, in an effort to weed out the weak of the species.

In the wild, how long would a herd of buffalo survive if they spent so much effort protecting the sick and weak from lions, instead of leaving them to die while the strong survive?

cs said...

oh also, reply to natedawg, oakley makes sunglasses with bluetooth headsets built in