Monday, February 19, 2007

Mind Blowing Internet

Ok. If you know me personally, you'll know I'm the 'golly-gee-whiz' kinda guy when it comes to science and technology. And the reason for this is simple. Aesthetics, as I understand the term, relates to the cosmos, or the order of things. Fibonacci numbers, golden sections, harmonics, etc., all come from the natural order of the reality that we all participate in. These orders are recognized by us as beautiful because when we notice them in the world, we are only recognizing the part of our own bodies and minds that are designed by the same ordering principles. And so we strive for this order, we surround ourselves with it in our buildings, our arts, our languages, and I believe also in our science, among all other things that we make. So it is that I have been blessed to receive new and beautiful information to share with you. Check out and download the software. Then, go to and search for anything you want to, and download it. When I say anything, I mean information; books, papers, movies, tv shows, music, software, ANYTHING. I can't do this site justice within the body of this post. All I can say, and of course this technology might be old news to you, is INCREDIBLE.

Another site worth checking out is, this thing is retardedly cool. It's a project by a Swedish academic in partnership with Google who have endeavored to graphically represent astounding amounts of data collected by the UN among other agencies. The data includes demographics, income distribution, birth rates, death rates, etcetera etcetera. The reason it's cool is that it manages to extrapolate remarkable global trends in a way that is very interesting and incredibly useful, and I dare say optimistic. If you are of the sky-is-falling set, you will not be pleased with the direction the world is actually headed, according to this site, I must warn you. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

It's good to know that you are catching up to technology that is already three years old.

Rocketman1200 said...

ah Jason, are these comments really worth your time when you should be enjoying the nice warm weather down there?

cs said...

it really is quite astounding. It's gotten to the point where when I want to download a single song from a band, I just download their entire discography. I used to collect cds quite religiously in the days before readily accessible high speed internet, but with the digital revolution (please excuse this extremely cliche term) my collection has gone from a couple hundred albums to thousands

the anti-blog said...

I've had 'the interweb' since 94' and ran a BBS before the internet at the age of 12 and have been file sharing since day 1.

when you don't have to pay for anything, and i mean NOTHING, it makes a person more open to distinguishing good from bad.

When you buy an album or movie you had to work for it so for some reason you feel like you MUST enjoy it. In a way, force yourself to like it so you feel like your money hasn't gone to waste.

When everything is free, software, movies, albums, books ect... you are not tied in to a previous bond with them and can form more open opinions.

I delete %90 of what I download because let's face it, most of the stuff out there, be it games or movies, are complete crap!

Luckily for the entertainment industry, the technology of going out and downloading this stuff and getting it to work/play is still waaaaay over the average PC user's head.

Have you tried to RIP an XBOX game and then burn it to play on your modded console? It's not easy.