Thursday, October 26, 2006

Stupid Americans

The stupid Americans have won three out of three Nobel science awards, and the Nobel economics award this year. "The stupid Americans must have bought the awards, they're not smart enough to win fairly" a typical anti-American might say, and s/he'd be half right. The fact is, America does buy their science achievements. With dollars. Cash. It has a way of working for them every time. And that cash, earned by hard-working, optimistic people, including the scientists themselves, is the core of the American social contract, and it's a fact that the far left will tragically never understand.

The Americans excel at virtually all sports (except for soccer). Why is that? Cash. Their athletes are allowed to earn virtually as much money as the market will bear, through professional sports organizations and endorsement deals. Whereas here in Canada, with the noteable exception of hockey players, athletes are virtually obligated to live at the edge of subsistence, depending on government handouts to get by. And don't get me wrong, Canada's star does sometimes shine. But not consistently. And those hockey players are successful because of the American dollar, not government.


NateDawg said...

You sexist, anti-American bastard. How dare you knock America's soccer skills? You're only looking at the failures of the men's team.

The US Women's team has won 2 Women's World Cups, and has won 2 Olympic Gold Medals. Thats just within the last 15 years.

They might not dominate the sport, but they can most definetly hold their own with anybody.

Rocketman1200 said...

touche salesman!