Monday, October 23, 2006

This Man is Brilliant

Al Gore, a presidential loser most famous for inventing the internet and destroying the environment while trying to save it, has decided that America's space policies will create an Iraq-like quagmire in space! Wow.

He goes on to say “It has the potential, down the road, to create the [same] kind of fuzzy thinking and chaos in our efforts to exploit the space resource as the fuzzy thinking and chaos the Iraq policy has created in Iraq.” Well, I guess if it's coming from the expert on fuzzy thinking, it must be true.

But seriously, he may have a point. If you don't believe (as I don't) that Iraq is a terrible mess, then there is a way for him to be telling the truth. If you believe that this project will yield tremendous results for Iraqis 5 or 10 years down the road, and that the glory of Mesopotamia will be restored by a responsible democratic society whose seeds have been already sown, then perhaps yes, space will one day be like Iraq.

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