Sunday, June 25, 2006

Evil Capitalists!!

To the chagrin of communists everywhere, who undoubtedly wish they were the benefactors of his wealth, Warren Buffet, in partnership with Bill Gates, is giving his fortune away! Together, the two of them will give away more money than the GDP of over 150 countries! (Not 150 countries combined, mind you)

And to think, these two men were completely driven by profit during their working lives.

Hey guess how many Microsoft Millionaires there are! (Answer: over 10,000) And by Microsoft millionaires, I mean employees of Microsoft who are millionaires. I wonder if any of those people ever give money away...


@s said...

HAte him as you will but I've long been a Bill Gates supporter as he has been a very giving person even during his working life. Philanthropy has long been important to him.

Anonymous said...

Capitalists be praised, their egos sure could use it. I guess the trickle down effect works and the triumph of the compassionate conservative is once again displayed...except of course if your one of the over 150 countries whose GDP is less than Buffet's gift. Seems you missed the point even though it was embedded in your blog posting.
I suppoe when one realizes that hording money doesn't get you any closer to heaven it is easier to be charitable.

Rocketman1200 said...

On the contrary, socialism's failure is on display in those countries. Don't try to pin their failure on the success of these men.

All I'm saying is that these are two tremendously generous men who are giving away fortunes that they built up through the profit motive.

Before you make anymore silly comments on this site, I'd like you to give away 85% of your wealth, if you own any.