Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ann Coulter, who I sometimes find to be a little too over-the top, has some wise things to say about the public's reaction to gas price fluctuations, as compared to it's ambivalence with regards generally to University/College tuition prices. Particularly, she asks the question why aren't we outraged at high prices of tuition that are paying for tremendously poor-quality educations? Especially since even the worst, partisan professors/buffoons are demanding six-figure salaries.

I've personally had mostly good profs, as far as that goes, but some of the people she names, ie. Ward Churchill, should probably not be making that kind of money, particularly when he's paid by taxpayers. And she is right on the money with this quote:

"The only solution to high gas prices considered on CNN was to pay oil company executives less, perhaps by order of the president. But somehow, no one ever suggested that the solution to the high price of college — far outpacing inflation — was to pay professors less. In that case, the solution is for the government to subsidize college professors' salaries even more than it already does. "

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