Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Inexorable March Towards Freedom, Part 2

On September 12, 2001, I became a Capitalist. There's another word that one can interchange with capitalism. That word is libertarianism. So I am also a Libertarian.

I remember what I was doing the previous morning, September 11, almost down to the most mundane and boring detail. And for those of you who know me, I usually don't remember things from like, ten minutes ago. I won't waste space here with details; too many people have relived those moments in painful recollection to others, I do not wish to. But reflecting on events the next day, I could not correlate the actions of the hijackers with any sort of relativist rationalization. Especially as the news came out that the terrorists were likely Islamic radicals, relativism and its cousin, multiculturalism began to fade in meaning for me to abstract physical phenomona and food festivals. Even my previous denunciation of Christianity and religion in general started to retract; sure, Christianity had a barbarous stage. Judaism too. Hell, most major religions have had their moments of empiristic ambition, ie. The Crusades, or the Ottoman Empire. But it started to seem to me that Islam had not passed from this phase through enlightenment as had Christianity and Judaism. But I digress to the original event.

Multiculturalism has become such a rigid concept in western society that there are folks out there that, being overinvested, will tell you that the culture of death that precipitated in the 9/11 attacks is equal in importance to any other culture.

Relativism has created opinions that Christian mission organizations such as MCC are equal in moral goodness to Islamic terrorism. Funny how some of the folks that are scared about Stephen Harper saying 'God Bless Canada', will then blame guys like him and GWB for the atrocities that inevitably precede shouts of "Allahu Akbar'.

Exploitation of oil resources by multinational companies and their suppliers is somehow perverted by seditious agents here into slogans such as 'no blood for oil', while the suppliers of this oil (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, etc.) actively use the proceeds of these oil sales to oppress their own people, torture and kill dissidents, and pursue an anti-Western agenda. Ironic, no?

On September 11, 2001, three thousand innocent people died while working to support their familes, their country, and a certain way of life. A group of terrorists, while not communist but certainly fascist (and therefore related by way of authoritarianism), killed them to show the world how much contempt they had for the institutions of the western world. While there was, and continues to be, much outrage about these attacks, there is a contingent of our society who condemns the United States and any of her allies for not being multicultural ENOUGH. For not understanding the sensitivities of other cultures. For not allowing this death cult to feel equal to true religions of peace. For not allowing the moralities of death, feminine subservience, and religious subservience the equivalent moral status of the freedom to live as one sees fit.

FREEDOM. The people who died in the 9/11 attacks lost their freedom to live as they saw fit. They were murdered. They were murdered in the name of God. They were murdered by a religious fringe who would claim moral equivalence to all other religious groups. They took advantage of the left's levers of relativism and multiculturalism - this act was the logical conclusion of those concepts. Their choice of targets - Americans - was symbolic of what they were attacking that day: Liberty. America is the only country in the world to be founded upon an idea that all people should be free, and when I saw that my cherished ideals of multiculturalism and relativism could be leveraged into an assault on freedom, I knew I had made the wrong choice in selecting an ideology.

I began to look at Liberty as the prime value to be upheld in society. With respect to other cultures, Liberty is really what allows all cultures to flourish - 'multiculturalism ' as we understand it now, is a word that's only used to press people into believing that all cultures are equal. This of course, is a euphemism. Perhaps all people are equal, but the culture of feminine oppression that is found in the middle east, in africa, and elsewhere is certainly not equivalent to the feminist movement cultures to be found in western nations, for example. The thing that makes the feminist movements superior is the concept of Liberty, of course. That women should be free to live their lives as they see fit.

'Relativism', as we understand it now, means for all practical purposes that any moral guide, whether it be State, Islam, Christianity, Objectivism, etc., is equivalent. Of course, given the events of 9/11, and the ensuing terrorist attacks around the world, we know that some people are following a moral code that is not valid. There can be no excusing these acts to differing societal mores. I'm sorry. I cannot accept any reason for these attacks being valid and just.

'Exploitation', as we have been made to understand it now, means that for all practical purposes any transaction where one party gains an advantage from the other party involved, is wrong. Of course, given that both parties enter into a transaction voluntarily and at their Liberty, exploitation must be the expected result. Each party exploits the other, with the tacit acceptance of the other. And thus, exploitation is the functional expression of Liberty in an economic mode that I'd describe as Capitalism.

Given a choice, as we all were on 9/11, between a multicultural concept that excuses any heinous act, and Liberty, I took a side.

To be continued....

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