Monday, May 01, 2006

A Fork in The Road

I'm staying up later than usual tonight, so blogging has been a little heavier. Why am I still up? A long afternoon nap, a latenight run with a friend, and caffeine are all culprits. But there's something else, something that has been on my mind for about a week. Tommorrow is the day that I ask my two roommates to find a new place to live. That's right, I'm ruthlessly and coldly intruding in their sedentary lifestyles, with no concern for their welfare, and little sympathy for the hardships I may or may not impart upon them.

It's not that we don't get along, or that they're terrible roommates. It's just that I'm changing, and part of the change has to involve living my life in a way that will be incompatible with the way that these guys do. Besides, I can already envision the pool table that will go downstairs where Andy's room was, and the nice home office/guest room that I can set up in Ken's old room. Financially, the loss in rent that I'll experience will be partly offset by lower bills - less water/hydro consumption, no cable TV, and no land-line telephone to pay for.

I think I'm at peace with this decision, but still....I'm a little nervous about the conversation that we'll have to have tommorrow. I hope that it goes well, and that they're not too upset.


NateDawg said...

You should also suggest that they get hair-cuts and real jobs.

And hey, if they end up living in Andy's car... well, at least they've got a car.

Rumpus said...

Good luck with what I can only assume will be an intense conversation. Seems that the last year has been one of extreme change for many of us, I wish you the best as you face your challenges head on.

Also, K and I are moving into our summer rental this week so look for a house warming invite soon.