Monday, May 22, 2006


It seems as though part of the National Post's story which I referred to about Iranian minorities having to wear certain indentifiers is wrong. Apparently, the legislation is focused on making the entire muslim population wear uniforms, and this Iranians don't deny. However, Christians and Jews will not need to wear special identifiers as was originally reported. Well, I guess that's not as neo-nazi as the original story would have led one to believe. But it's still awfully 1984-ish, you know? Like, could you imagine the government of Canada decreeing that everyone's gotta dress up into some kind of weird canuckian robe 24/7? I bet it would have a Leafs logo on it somewhere....

Seriously though, I still wonder how the Christians and Jews are gonna be regarded with respect to this law. They're not Muslim, so will they be free to dress as they please? Or will they be forced to dress like Muslims too?

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rp said...

The Cunning Realist has some interesting insight into this whole occurance.