Monday, April 10, 2006

Everyone I've ever met is Neurotic

It's true. I always find myself being upset about my own neuroses, but when I do that I tend to forget that everyone I've ever met is Neurotic too. We're all completely out of control maniacs. There's always a dark corner to a person's mind, where flaws and defects lurk, waiting to ambush reason, turning us over to irrationality. You're not human if you don't have an irrational feeling about something. Phobias are a common example of a generalized irrational flaw.

Delusion is also something that everyone experiences. I hate caring about whether my perception of reality is the same as everybody else's, but I do. But given the fact that I think everyone I know is deluded in some respect, then it follows that I must also sometimes present myself as deluded to others.

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Ace said...

Except me, I am not neurotic, definitely not. I am the sanest person you know. hehehe.