Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ok Hippies, you officially have to let go of Kyoto

Winds of Change has a roundup of a whole bunch of developments in technology that frankly have more hope of saving the world than a stupid critical-mass protest. You know, I run a gas station on the edge of Winnipeg's Wolseley neighbourhood. That's where Winnipeg's 'critical-mass' of earth-lovin' type folks live, and I'll tell you, that on the rare occasions that they do drive a car somewhere, it's usually an old, beatup, poorly maintained piece of junk. Lots of old vans, lots of old volvos, a ton of big old boats, etc. They may not drive them that often, but these vehicles do more damage to the environment the one day a week they are driven than a brand new vehicle with modern emissions controls does in a week of continuous use. When will they grasp the irony?

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