Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Five Modest Priorities

Man, they're just laying it out there. The Tories have got good game. They're simply making plans and going ahead and executing them, and I think that will get a lot of respect from the voters ahead of next election. They've got a concrete position, they are communicating it clearly, and they are consistently executing it one policy at a time.


rp said...

If you can credit the Conservative party for anything, it's for understanding politics.
Their strategy is a natural evolution from the last ruling party's mistakes. The last Liberal government was was lazy, non-committing, and it generally failed to deliver. And frankly, Paul Martin couldn't admit to broken promises, and that may have been his biggest mistake. He simply couldn't say no.
It's incredibly nice to hear a clear political agenda, and to watch it be carried out, whether or not I agree with it. It may take some time for the Liberals to gain the public's confidence again, especially now after seeing how the 'alternative' is willing to behave.
Still, I don't think anyone caught with a stash of pot should have a criminal record, and it's painful to see progress like this reversed.

rp said...

*What I meant to finish off with was "progress in this area reversed."

Rocketman1200 said...

meh, they don't seem to be moving towards making pot more illegal, so I'm not too worried about that. They're also not slowly destroying the country the way the liberals have been for the last decade or so. They're remaking our leadership status, lowering taxes significantly and quickly, and they're making steps to put the control of Canadians' lives back into the hands of Canadians. Ie. childcare.

manalogue said...

That child care program the Conservatives initiated is garbage. It basically gives parents $70/month after taxes. How long will that last in a form of daycare payment? Two days? Once again, the Conservatives keep the poor at a disadvantage. European countries have had daycare systems like the one the Liberals recently passed (and the Conservatives threw in the trash) for decades and you know what, it works. It gives all parents the same opportunity to place their children in suitable child care. If any wealthy advantaged parents thought these publicly funded spaces weren't good enough, then they could still pay for an alternative private care for their children. The system the Conservatives initiate now goes completely backwards.

Rocketman1200 said...

manalogue, how do you know that european daycare works? What is the metric? I mean, are their kids better people somehow? Ie., are their crime rates lower? unemployment rates? are they more productive?

Besides, if people are having kids, they should be able be responsible to make sure they can properly raise their own kids, without a nanny state to help them.