Sunday, July 09, 2006

By The Way, Did You Know How Rich You Are?

There's often some heated rhetoric being casually thrown around by middle-class folks about the awful gap between the rich and the poor. It's neat to hear rich people talk about how terrible it is that they're materially better than someone else. I mean, did you know that 85% of Canadians live above the poverty line? Did you know that being below our 'poverty line' generally means that you still eat once in a while, have access to safe, clean drinking water, and almost certainly have a roof over your head? I bet you even get vaccinations against many deadly diseases! So I wonder how many really poor people this country actually holds...Because you know what? Really poor people do exist in this world. It's true! And they're so poor they can't even afford that stupid fair trade coffee! I know that's hard to believe.

How about we start trading in some of those luxuries we take for granted, so that others may receive them? Stop taking flu shots. I mean, who are you to deserve one, when so many people can't afford it? Stop drinking lattes, maybe give up your winter jacket, get rid of your addiction to wearing shoes (even in January),, and so on. I mean, these would be small steps toward equality, but you would be perceived as pious and altruistic by your judgemental peers.

Or maybe we could stop feeling guilty about our material wealth, and show others how we've gone and accumulated it, so that they can too.

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