Saturday, July 15, 2006

No Compromise

It should seem so simple to Hamas and Hezbollah. Simply release and return the 3 soldiers that are being held hostage, and the fighting stops. Instead, Hamas is foolishly demanding that Israel release 1000 Hamas prisoners in exchange for one soldier, and I don't even know what Hezbollah has asked for in exchange this time. Cox and Forkum, the site where this cartoon is published, notes that Israel has capitulated to these sorts of ridiculous demands before, but isn't in any mood to right now.


rp said...

While watching coverage of this last weekend I was surprised to learn that Israel has "DF Technology" (Direction Finding technology) that allows them to figure out the location of where a missile was launched. According to a Western reporter in Lebanon, it's common for Hezbollah to launch rockets from residential areas, so that when Israel strikes the source of the missile (which can be as quick as a couple of minutes after the launch), civilians are killed; and the West is left wondering why Israel put a rocket into the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Rocketman1200 said...

yeah. I´d be really skeptical of reports that Israel is indiscriminate in their methods. They have advanced military tactics, and are generally respectful of human life, as opposed to the suicide bombers of Hamas and Hezbollah