Friday, July 14, 2006

What Should The World Do?

Is a UN Security Council resolution the right move at this juncture? I would suggest not, given the toothlessness of its resolutions of the past oh, decade or so. The only thing that they've done that's been quasi-effective has been to sanction Saddam. And actually, all that did was starve his people and perpetuate his tyranny.

Should world leaders continue to tut-tut and issue soundbites to try and influence domestic polls? Not if they have learned a lesson from Canada's own Mssr. Martin.

An interesting idea has been floating around for a while, involving admitting Israel to NATO. This organization has a policy that, if you attack one member, you're attacking all of them, so there would be less disharmony from member nations when thinking about how to proceed. NATO used to be an instrument to contain the Soviet Union. Since the Commie threat has dissipated in no small part due to NATO, perhaps using it to contain the Islamic fundamentalist threat would be ideal!

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rp said...

That's an interesting idea; there's some more information on Wikipedia's NATO entry. It appears from the article that although Israeli has in the past stated it was stretched too thin for such a membership, it may be more open to the idea now.