Thursday, July 13, 2006

It Took Longer Than I Expected....

....but some moonbat has finally blamed George W. Bush for Israel's developing war with Hezbollah. It's funny how people can simultaneously ridicule him for being a moron who can't talk properly, and demonize him for being this evil genious who is the cause of every bad thing that happens in this world!

Let's see....have you blamed GWB for :

1. Global Warming?
2. Poverty?
3. War?
4. Tsunamis?
5. Hurricanes?
6. Business Bankruptcies (Think Enron)?
7. Unemployment?
8. Illiteracy?
9. The Tech Bubble Burst?
10. Last, but not least, 9/11?

Because he's just as responsible for these things as today's catastrophe. That is to say, not at all.


@s said...

You might be right about him not being at fault for the bombing but it is surprising that the States have not decided to step in on the matter. If this were any other country than Israel you can be sure that the states would have done something already.

Rocketman1200 said...

I think that they're damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Rocketman1200 said...

Besides, it sounds as though Iran might be behind these attacks, and if that's true, they're probably trying to lure both Israel and US into a larger scale conflict. So it's probably ok that GWB hasn't given the go ahead for some serious attacks

@s said...

Rocketman, I would hope he wouldn't resort to serious attacks. I suppose I should not be surprised that is your first thought.

Rocketman1200 said...

what do you suppose he should do?

condemn Israel's actions?
Sponsor a sure-to-fail UN Resolution?
Bomb Israel?
Quit his job?
Snap his fingers and make everything ok?

Vanderknowledge said...

This will get nasty and bloody on both sides. I still would want to be Israel's friend and not thier enemy.

Rumpus said...

rocketman, you claim that 'war' or serious attacks should be the last resort yet it is usually the first item on your list of what GWB should being doing. More and more I am fearing that you are romantizing war as a tool for freedom and democracy.

Rocketman1200 said...

1, I never made that claim.
2, Reducing taxes and lowering trade barriers is what the man should be doing first and formost.
3, What tool has worked better?

Anonymous said...

Non-Violent Resistance...see India.

Rocketman1200 said...

That's a good point. And I guess globalization in general has also been pretty good at producing democracy and freedom. I suppose there are several tools for obtaining freedom, each good for different circumstances.

Rocketman1200 said...

But actually though, compare Japan and India's progress. Japan became a global powerhouse a lot faster, with way less people and tiny resources. Japan also still doesn't have a standing army, whereas India and Pakistan have been fighting each other ever since they were partitioned, and they're nuclear rivals. Japan got a-bombed, India still might.