Friday, July 14, 2006

What Should Israel Do?

There are a lot of condemnations of Israel coming in from around the world right now (although remarkably, they still have some allies other than America), and very few of Hezbollah. Nobody seems to be mentioning the hundreds of Hezbollah rockets raining down on Israeli cities and towns, having been launched across the border in Lebanon. Or that the Lebanese government seems unwilling or unable to stop them.

Funny thing about these rockets. They are difficult to aim. You sort of point them at the city you want to hit, and hope that they'll hit something of high value.

Funny thing about Israeli warfare. It's targeted. Highly lethal to actual military targets, less dangerous to civilians. It's designed to avoid 'collateral damage', to put it crudely.

Assuming that Israel is entitled to their own self-defence, they are acting within their rights as a sovereign nation when they are attacking Hezbollah targets. And if Lebanon can't stop Hezbollah, because Israel can, Israel should.


Rumpus said...

I think it is in very poor taste to be making fun of the large number of deaths on either side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Sarcasm is only above prop comedy at the bottom of the comedy spectrum.

Rocketman1200 said...

no actually you know what's in poor taste?

pretending that there's some sort of moral equivalency in the methods either side uses to achieve its aim. If you're one who believes that Israel is bullying the Palestinians, consider how they have 100 million Israel-hating neighbours whose sworn goal is the destruction of Israel, on their borders. There are 6 million Israelis, by the way.

Rocketman1200 said...

not to say that you, Rumpus, are guilty of that. (No sarcasm intended)

Rumpus said...

Nice catch before you completely swallowed your foot. Misconstruing my statement that you shouldn't make light of the deaths on either as moral equivalency of methodologies concerning military tactics is consistent many of your past statements.

I don't think that you are correct in your assessment of Israeli military accuracy. This article displays Israeli 'precision' attacks. As usual both sides in an escalating militay conflict are grossly negligent of the civilian population. Of course, I tend to view this issues from a humanist perspective. I make no claims to the moral superiority (which is completely ambiguious) of either side. Atrocities have been committed by both.

Rocketman1200 said...

Ever heard of a human shield?

Spend less time criticizing my writing style and more time arguing my points. I did not intend that post to be humorous in any way.

Rumpus said...

Didn't you read my second paragraph?

And your link is broken, could you update it please.

Rumpus said...

Also, I assume this is the link you meant.

Rocketman1200 said...

what I meant by that is that Israel is precise in their targets, and that they purposefully avoid civilian death. That Hezbollah or Hamas would use human shields to try to protect themselves from Israeli attacks is not something that Israel can control.