Friday, July 28, 2006

Ilha Grande

We've just arrived in Ilha Grande, an island off the coast of Brazil near Rio. It's an island with 102 beaches! Quite the idyllic spot. We've got a room right on a beach with a beautiful view, hopefully I can upload a few pictures later today. The pousada that we're staying at is run by an ex-pat German guy and his Brazilian wife. Quite a colourful character, and as it turns out, he still owns a touring van which he stores in Winnipeg, for when he's touring North America.

We're here because there's a weekend-long music festival going on, which promises to be amazing! A friend that we made at the hostel in Rio, Ana from New Zealand, will be joining us here today to help us make sure we party appropriately. She is an engineer professionally, so her and I have alot of common interests - lots to talk about. A bit of socialist though....sigh.

On monday, we'll go back to Rio to catch a flight to Salvador, where we'll likely meet up with this guy named Colin that we also met in Rio. He's from Singapore, but he teaches in Taiwan, and is here for his vacation. He's a great guy, and he's also got pretty good english and portuguese, so he's been immensely helpful, in addition to being fun to hang out with.

Anyway, it's almost 10 am here, so I guess I should go...Time to go seek out a good beach or two for surfing!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds amazing! We are so glad that you are enjoying all of your great adventures, we are living vicariously through you! We look forward to reading more. Stay safe, Love, Tammy, Dan and William.

Anonymous said...

don't hate the socialist. I myself love the idea of socialism, though I prefer to practice an intense capitalism

keep up the interesting posts and adventures!

Rocketman1200 said...

oh hey, I don´t hate the socialist! Ana is really cool, and we had a great time together! Besides, I´m well aware that some of my friends would share her perspective, and it doesn´t stop me from loving them either. Foi, we´ll have to have a good discussion when I get back...