Sunday, September 17, 2006

Conspiracy Nuts Rejoice!

A new conspiracy to debate about for decades to come!! Actually, the staging of the events of 9/11 has been hypothesized for some time, but a group of rabid America-haters seem to have organized a bit. No matter, they're still completely insane. Steve Dutch of the University of Wisconsin debunks.

My favourites from both studies: The first study exclaims: It looks like a building which is being demolished! Steve Dutch rebuts: How's it supposed to look; like an errupting volcano?


Anonymous said...

That 'debunking' is hardly new. Where were you in on Febuary 26th, 2006 when it was created?

Why are you stiring the coals under my calming fire?

Rocketman1200 said...

hehehe. I know it's not new, but there's been a more recent interest in the whole conspiracy, so I thought I'd bring it up...