Saturday, September 30, 2006

Universal Values

There are certain value systems which humans have. Among those is the innate value to survive. Some would say that there are also intrinsic doctrinal values that are available to humans, should they aspire to realize them. Of those, many say that one guiding principle is selflessness; in the sense that the interests of others must supercede self-interest. Conversely, some say that the cardinal value is self interest.

Multiculturalism is probably the most fashionable and thus popular doctrinal value these days, one which moonbats everywhere claim as the Descartian universal truth, the one natural law by which all humans must guide their lives.

But what if, regardless of how strictly you adhere to that idea, people of other cultures disagree with you? And refreshingly, I'm not talking about neo-cons or republicans or whatever. I'm talking about people who, just like any good liberal, hold that the masses are incapable of running their own lives, but rather than working for the CBC they decide to strap explosives to their chests and blow the shit out of themselves and any infidels that disagree. What if those people don't agree that all cultures are equal and deserving of liberty? What should you do? Protect your country's ideals? Or hold sensitivity training courses for the jihadi? That is the question GWB wakes up to every day. Do I protect those in my country who oppose me, or do I let the immediate future prove them wrong?

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