Sunday, September 03, 2006

"A Society With Nothing To Die For Is Already Dead"

I still can't imagine how this man came to be a product of Canada, but I'm glad he is. Mark Steyn lays the truth bare in his latest column. He covers a lot of ground, but the main point is that the western Multi-Cult tries so hard to understand and tolerate other cultures that it becomes completely blind to the way other cultures see it; and some cultures hate it for it's secularism, individual freedom, decadence, etc. etc. As a case in point, he theorizes that the kidnappers of the FOX News reporters didn't force their captives to convert to Islam for the sake of Islam (because it was clearly a sham), but to show the rest of the Islamic Jihadi world how easy it is to corrupt a culture with no identifying values. It was a show of force against a 'culture' that is perceived as weak.

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