Friday, August 18, 2006

Breaking the Radio Silence

Well, back in Manaus for a few hours, after a three-day trip through part of the Amazon basin. All I can say is wow! We had a great time there, the accomodations were really basic, but the forest is incredible! We saw so many different animals; pink dolphins, alligators, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, tarantulas, sloths, iguanas, a million kinds of birds, etc... We went piranha fishing (they´re delicious but boney), alligator hunting (pictures to follow), saw trees that smelled like peppermint and rosewood, contained milk of magnesia, treat malaria, etc. Man, that´s one dense, diverse place. The temperature got as high as 40 degrees celcius, with enough humidity to make it feel like 60. We´re going to hop on a plane in a few hours, which will eventually get us to Recife for the last few days of the trip, where hopefully there will be an opportunity to relax on the beach and sip on Caperheinas and possibly do some surfing.


Anonymous said...

Wow that sounds amazing. We were wondering what kind of wildlife you would encounter. I'm jealous, did you get to hold a monkey...I've always wanted to hold a monkey, sigh... Enjoy the rest of your trip, keep the pictures coming.
Love, Tammy, Dan, and Will
p.s. I'm on the phone with Mom, she says hello.

Rocketman1200 said...

no, i didn´t get to hold any monkeys. We saw them up in the trees only. they´re very wild, and afraid of people. i did get to eat a piranha that i caught, and hold an alligator that our guide caught for us at night by flashlight, but even our guide wouldn´t have been able to get close enough to the other wildlife to give us a chance to touch it.