Monday, August 21, 2006

Hezbollah: Terrorists or Misunderstood Youth?

This just in, certain Liberal, NDP, and Bloc MPs want Hezbollah taken off of Canada´s terrorist organization list. Can you hear the sound of my jaw dropping to the floor all the way from Porto de Golhina, Brazil? Peggy Nash, NDP MP, says "that it is just not helpful to label them a terrorist organization.` No Peggy, I guess it´s not. But it´s also not helpful that Hezbollah undertakes terrorist acts on Israeli civilians, or are committed to the destruction of ´The Zionist Entity´.

Borys Wrzesnewskyj, Liberal MP from Etobicoke, likens Hezbollah to the IRA, and says ´´if there wasn't the possibility for London to negotiate with the IRA, you'd still have bombings."´ Well Borys, I think that the IRA had a reasonable struggle and they were not intent upon destroying the state of Britain. They also did not hide behind women and children, hoping that the British would kill the moms and kids in order to create public relations problems for them. Hezbollah is not interested in negotiation, and I think that people have to realize this.

"This is Canada's shame," Ms. Maria Mourani, Bloc MP said. What´s Hezbollah´s shame Maria?

Have no sympathy for the devil.


manalogue said...

I kind of see Nash's point, but I think she's come to a premature conclusion. What she's saying is - if representatives for Hezbollah were legitimately elected into Lebanon's government, then the politicians of the world should try to work with them for the greater good of society. I liken her statement to a parent giving their children enough rope to hang themselves with. It's a drastically different scale - yes I realize that.

If I may, I'll point to your thoughts on doctrine. Maybe by admitting Hezbollah's differences their struggle for survival lessens and maybe even vanishes. Without this threat, perhaps Hezbollah will no longer find the need to destroy Israel.

I don't see it happening, but it's all nice to imagine peace between the two parties.

Regardless, both Hezbollah and the Israel state need to stop killing one another. That's the bottom line.

rp said...

It was the Liberal MP Borys W. that wanted them delisted. Peggy Nash said "it's just not helpful," but was never quoted as asking them to remove them. (I don't agree with her in any case).
Borys asldfjlsadjnw has since changed his claim, and now says that while they are a terrorist group and should remain on the list, he believes they should still be spoken to.

Rocketman1200 said...

Put it this way: If Hezbollah were to abandon their committment to destroying the state of Israel, there would be peace. Alternatively, if Israel were to disband the IDF, and disavow violence, Hezbollah would destroy the state of Israel; there would be no peace before that happened.