Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Crazy Small World

Funny how small this world actually is. When I was in Rio, a group of us went to the Brazil Cup Football Final, which was the most incredible sporting event I´ve ever witnessed in person. The fans were truly delirious, there were smoke bombs, fireworks, a little tear gas in one trouble section, on-going chants, a over-filled stadium, etc. The right team won, so the crowds were ecstatic, and largely peaceful after the game, although that might have to do with the police helicopters monitoring the exiting crowds with searchlights, etc.

Anyway, my seat at the game was right beside an ex-pat Brit who now lives in Ecuador where he runs an English pub, and the weird thing about this pousada in Salvador, 1500-plus kms away from Rio, is that the same guy walks in here with a pizza last night as we were arriving back from an amazing street festival!! Like what are the odds eh?


jaylin said...

hey jer! just checked out your site for the first time today. sounds like the two of you are having a really good time! have fun!

*Em* said...

Your stories sound amazing and we are all begging you to please stop dancing samba for a minute and download some photografias!!!