Sunday, August 20, 2006


Doctrine, the main topic of most of my blogs, is derived from the latin doctrina, which essentially means code of beliefs. Catholicism´s Immaculate Conception is a good example of a religious doctrine, and communism is an example of ideological or political doctrine. You might say that this blog details some of my doctrinal values, albeit not necessarily in a structured or progressive way. A doctrine is something that is used to understand the way the world works, and usually also detail how humans should interact with each other in an organizational sense.

It might seem provocative, or maybe not, to say that doctrinal values only develop in an incremental sense relative to the realization of innate and aesthetic values. That is to say, doctrine becomes more complex with the security of having realized some level of satisfactory survival, and some appreciation of aesthetics. I´d wager that the more secure a person is in meeting survival needs, and the more a person understands things to be either ugly or beautiful, the more likely that person will be to start exploring a doctrine of some kind which can explain how things are, or how things should be.

So given that to be true, innate values are still the keystone to the foundation of all other values, and the development of them. At this point I would like to express a belief that I have, and that is that humans universally value survival, and that this is not a subjective expression; I believe it to be objective fact.

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