Friday, August 11, 2006

Hello from Lencois

Good day. Well, here we are in Lencois. Victoria made it here safe and sound, and we took a 7 hour bus ride to Lencois, in a national park, the name of which I can´t remember right now...Something to do with diamonds...It´s a pretty chill place, a small town of about 9000. It´s our first place away from the coast, but there are apparently alot of fresh-water lakes and springs etc. to go swimming in, which is good because it´s reeeeeally warm here. We´ve got a couple of hikes organized for the next three days, including some caves and waterfalls, multicoloured springs, etc. Should be a good time, hopefully I get some sweet pictures...Ciao

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Lisa Vogt said...

glad vic made it there with all her liquids still in her bag :) keep having fun!!!