Tuesday, August 01, 2006


We arrived in Salvador yesterday, after a fantastic weekend on Ilha Grande. Part of me is still there, trying to work out how I can buy my own pousada on that island, where I can live during high season :) It´s an amazing place, filled with beaches, forest, waterfalls, beautiful friendly people, and lots and lots of partying.

The other part of me got to Salvador exhausted after a day of travel that included taxis, boats, buses, and airplanes, at around midnight. We needed a place to stay, and our first choice was booked for the night. We ended up at a reeeeeeeally sketchy place in Barra, a neighbourhood in Salvador. It cost 30 reals for the night for the both of us, which is about 12 dollars Canadian. It was pretty disgusting, after having stayed in such a nice pousada on Ilha Grande. There was a patio on the street where we unwound a little after arriving. We were propositioned by prostitutes, panhandled, etc. But otherwise, after an uneasy sleep, we are ok. We found a super nice pousada today called Ambar, in a better, trendy part of Barra, just down the street from the beach. We´ll stay here for two days or so, and then set out for the countryside around Salvador. Victoria is coming here on the ninth of august, and then we go to the Amazon shortly after.


Lisa Vogt said...

You know Jer, a picture is worth a thousand words... :)

Victoria said...

Alright Jer, I am coming soon amd I can't wait. But the whole camara situation ismaking me nervous... Have you lost one yet? Do you need extra batteries? do you have extra cards? Do you need a converter for the charger? Any advice would help. Please email me.