Sunday, August 13, 2006

Innate Values

It's hard to argue that humans don't have the survival instinct. Of course, during their lifetimes, some people decide that it is too hard to live, and decide to end their lives . Others still decide that the doctrinal values they hold are more important than their will to live, and become suicide bombers for their cause. But of course, up until the point that their lives end, they find ways to sustain themselves to whatever degree they are capable.

Further, this value system overwhelms any other value system, because it contains the necessities of life, without which no other value system is relevant. So before seriously considering different doctrines, aesthetics, or morals, a person must consider how to obtain water, food, and shelter.

And it could be said that even suicidal people have the innate value of survival, but that they don't possess the integrity to uphold even that basic value until the natural ends of their lives.

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