Sunday, August 06, 2006

I´ve finally found a place where I can upload a few pics, so here´s a couple. Hopefully there will be more to follow in the next few days...The first is a picture of Foz du Iguassu, a really nice one. Sadly, we´re not here during the rainy season, so there´s not as much water going over the falls right now, but it´s still quite a spectacular sight. The second is a pic of Copacabana beach at sunset, with a game of American-style football going on in the foreground.


Anonymous said...


Lisa and me want to upload some of our photos. We have around 500 between us. Is there like a webpage or something where can do that. It's all a bit too computerly for us.

P.S Ana says Lis, you havn't really met them , it's just in ur head.

Rocketman1200 said...

hey! The easiest way would be to save the photos to your computer first, and then yeah you need a blog or something to display them for others... MySpace or are good and quite easy to use...Let me know when you do it! Also, don´t forget to email me with your photos from Rio/Ilha Grande!! Please and Thank you ;)

*Em* said...

Hi travelling friends of Jer!
To upload your photos easy and send a email link to your friends to see them try:

It's free and you can upload a ton of pictures without having to set up a blog or a webpage.

p.s. Jeremy these photos are stunning-thank you for posting them!!!

Anonymous said...

Downloaded some, hope it worked.

Cheers for the web page Em.